Undergraduate Student Resources

Undergraduate Student Resources

Resources for Undergraduate Students

The Department of Mathematics provides many resources for its students, from tutoring to professional development opportunities and student organizations.

Academic Resources & Advising

Mathematics Advising Week
The Mathematics Department holds an Advising Week every semester, inviting undergraduate math majors to meet with faculty members.

Every math major is required to attend such an advising session within one year of declaring the major and is encouraged to attend additional sessions as questions about the degree arise. Information about Advising Week is emailed to all math majors each semester. This covers course requirements within the major as well as other questions about the degree.

For Questions Regarding: Contact:
Mathematics Undergraduate Programs & Courses Undergraduate Chair
General Academic Requirements / Compass Curriculum Academic Advising
Assistance with Mathematics Courses Excel Mathematics Center


Online Tutorials

Many free online resources exist to help you learn new math skills, practice applying what you have learned, or have fun with math. We have collected some of our favorites here.

Course Video Archives

Click here to explore our archive of video lessons from a broad range of math courses, provided as a free resource by the Department of Mathematics.

These can show you more of what our courses cover, help you review materials for courses in which you are currently enrolled, or simply serve as a resource for the community of math learners.


Person teaching at a projection screen

Lower-division Courses: 1000- and 2000-level undergraduate courses

Upper-division Courses: 3000-level and above undergraduate courses

Honors Track for Mathematics BS Program

The UCCS Mathematics Department offers a special track that leads to departmental honors, noted on the diploma and transcript upon graduation, to qualified students pursuing a BS degree in Mathematics.

Admission to the honors track is by application only. Please complete the form and return it to the chair of the Undergraduate Committee. Students should typically by the end of their junior year.

To be awarded honors after an application is accepted, a student must:

  • Maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0, and a GPA of at least 3.5 in mathematics courses.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 in all Math courses numbered higher than 4000.
  • Complete an undergraduate research project under the supervision of a mathematics faculty advisor. A written report based on the project must be submitted for approval to the Undergraduate Committee of the Mathematics Department.
  • Present the results of the above research project at a conference or a seminar.

Please contact the department's Undergraduate Chair with any questions.



The Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is a powerful, industry-standard numeric and programming language computational platform. The platform is available to all UCCS students and faculty via a campus-wide license for installation on personal and office computers.

Instructions for obtaining MATLAB can be found on the UCCS IT web page.

MATH Courses Devoted to MATLAB

  • MATH 2650 - Introduction to Computational Mathematics
  • MATH 3650 - Advanced Computational Math

Clubs & Organizations

students in UCCS Math Clinic

Math Clinic
The UCCS Math Clinic is a new program at UCCS for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate math students. The Clinic is designed to provide exposure to real-world problems which can be solved, understood, or clarified through the application of various fields of mathematics. Learn more about the Math Clinic.

Math Club
The UCCS Math Club is a group of students with an interest in various topics related to math. We explore current topics, host events, attend conferences, and have fun together doing math-related things. Learn more about Math Club.

Professional Development Opportunities


Some forms which may be useful to you:

  • Independent Study Approval Form 
    Complete this form if taking an Independent Study course. 

  • Request Incomplete 
    Use this form to enter into an agreement with a professor for completing your course. It should outline the remaining work required to receive a letter grade in the course. 

  • Student Petition Form 
    Use this form to request exceptions to departmental polices.  

Math Course Placement

All undergraduate students must fulfill the Compass Curriculum Quantitative Reasoning requirement, and any MATH course numbered 1040 or higher satisfies this requirement. Individual colleges at UCCS have further quantitative reasoning requirements, and various majors require specific mathematics courses. Please check with your academic advisor to be sure about the most appropriate courses for you.

This video discusses the content and goals of the currently offered entry-level mathematics courses, namely MATH 99MATH 1040MATH 1060MATH 1120MATH 1330, and MATH 1350.

There are four main ways a student can place into their first MATH course - through:

  1. Certain transferred credits or high AP scores
  2. A high school GPA of 3.5 or higher with an advanced high school math credit (into MATH 1040--speak with your academic advisor about this path)
  3. ACT/SAT scores
  4. Taking an Accuplacer exam. 

Paths to Math Course Placement

High School GPA

Students with a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher, who also have an advanced math credit from high school, are automatically qualified to take MATH 1040 (College Algebra). Please check with your academic advisor about this path.


Students who submit their ACT or SAT scores to UCCS, can automatically place into certain MATH courses, up to Calculus I. For more details, click the button below.

Accuplacer Exam

If you believe your placement by previously earned credits, high school GPA, or ACT/SAT score is not a good fit, you can challenge it by taking the Accuplacer exam. For more details, click the button below.