Access to MATLAB


MATLAB is an industry-standard, powerful computational platform.

Since January 2016, it is available to all UCCS students and faculty, via a campus-wide license, for installation on personal and office computers.

Instructions for obtaining MATLAB can be found on the UCCS IT web page.

MATH Courses Devoted to MATLAB

  • MATH 2650 - Introduction to Computational Mathematics
  • MATH 3650 - Advanced Computational Math

The Math Center, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics, offers MATLAB tutoring sessions for UCCS students enrolled in MATH courses that utilize MATLAB. 

MATLAB Tutorials


Free Downloadable Books:

Other Useful MATLAB Books:

  • Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave, by Quarteroni & Saleri, Springer 2014
  • Learning MATLAB, by Tobin Driscoll, SIAM 2009
  • MATLAB, An Introduction with Application, 3rd edition, by Amos Gilat, Wiley 2008
  • MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, by Stormy Attaway, Elsevier 2009
  • Solving Applied Mathematical Problems with MATLAB, by Xue & Chen, CRC Press 2008
  • Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB, by Steven Kay, Springer 2006