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Mathematics Research & Initiatives at UCCS

Research Interests

image of part of a hyperloop tunnel model

The Math Department at UCCS is home to a diverse and accomplished faculty with expertise spanning a wide range of mathematical fields, including algebra, nonlinear waves, applied mathematics, differential equations, applied analysis, computational mathematics, probability, and statistics.


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The Math Department sponsors a weekly series of colloquia exploring emerging research in both pure and applied fields for faculty and students.

Algebra Seminar

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The Algebra Seminar, organized by Algebras and Rings in Colorado Springs (ARCS), hosts talks on all aspects of algebra.

Mathematical Data Science Seminar

faculty and students participating in Math Clinic

This seminar welcomes faculty and students from the Pikes Peak region who are interested in mathematical aspects of data science and machine learning, and more broadly, optimization,  scientific computation, modeling and simulations. The seminar It is intended to have a very informal format, with several seminars in the format of workshops rather than lecture format, introducing the audience to topics that are of current interest and are normally not covered in the standard math curriculum.

The seminar will run in parallel with the Math Clinic, a new program for graduate and undergraduate mathematics students designed to provide provide an opportunity to directly experience how their studies can translate to solving immediate and relevant problems in a tangible way. Because each project is organized as a research group, students are also provided with opportunities to understand how their current skills and interests can contribute to multi-faceted and often complex team projects; such opportunities are extraordinarily valuable in helping students understand their strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment designed to encourage growth. Furthermore, because these projects often require expertise from several distinct domains, students gain insight into problem-solving approaches and tools which they may not have otherwise encountered as part of their core education.


Nonlinear Waves Seminar

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The weekly Nonlinear Waves seminar is motivated by wave phenomena in various systems. However, more broadly, we are interested in computational and applied mathematics. All are welcome to attend. All meetings are in-person, unless specified otherwise.

Distinguished Lecturer Series

Dr. Kathy Driver

The Math Department usually sponsors one distinguished lecture each year, with speakers coming from around the world. 

Colorado Nonlinear Days Conference

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In April 2024, the UCCS Department of Mathematics is hosting a two-day conference bringing together participants from several top mathematics programs for talks on nonlinear theory and emerging applications.