Math Clinic


Math Clinic

The UCCS Math Clinic is an internship program at UCCS for mathematics students (undergraduate and graduate) designed to provide exposure to real-world problems which can be solved, understood, or clarified via the application of various fields of mathematics. 

Math Clinic Celebration  -  9/22/22 

UCCS Math Data Science Seminar  -  ongoing in Spring 2024


The Math Clinic provides an opportunity for students to directly experience how their studies in mathematics can translate to solving immediate and relevant problems in a tangible way. Because each project is organized as a research group, students are also provided with opportunities to understand how their current skills and interests can contribute to multi-faceted and often complex team projects; such opportunities are extraordinarily valuable in helping students understand their strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment designed to encourage growth. Furthermore, because these projects often require expertise from several distinct domains, students gain insight into problem-solving approaches and tools which they may not have otherwise encountered as part of their core education.

By working with non-academic (commercial or nonprofit) agencies, students also gain insight into some of the latest industry-standard practices and professional expectations which will be expected of them upon entering the workforce. In turn, sponsoring agencies gain access to a vibrant and robust community of mathematicians-in-training and supporting faculty who can take advantage of university resources to solve existing (or new!) problems in innovative ways. 

More information on the role of the students engaged in externally sponsored projects as well as the role of external clients can be found here.

Timeline and Internships

The UCCS Math Clinic has been running since Spring 2022. The next Math Clinic will run in Spring 2024, starting April 1st (NO JOKE!). Students interested in learning about real-world applications and related career opportunities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Math Clinic interns may choose from a range of available projects suggested and sponsored by external clients from real companies or agencies. Interns work in teams and adhere to all the rules and expectations for the specific project, as dictated by the external client. More specifics of the roles of the students, faculty advisors and the external clients are available here.

The expected time commitment is between 5 and 10 hours a week for the duration of the internship. Details about available projects (synopsis, goals and deliverables) will be provided to the successfully applicants, as each client has different requirements for release of information.

Download the application form here: MathClinicApplicationSpring2024_0.pdf

Deadline to apply is Friday, March 22. Successful applicants will hear back from the Math Clinic no later than Monday, March 25, 2024.

For questions about the upcoming program or Math Clinic in general, please contact Dr. Radu Cascaval ( or Dr. Peter Braza (



The Math Clinic organized workshops open to all UCCS students. Material covered in the workshops can be accessed at

  • Workshop 1:  Basics of Python. Data Manipulation and Analysis
  • Workshop 2:  Linear Regression. Gradient Descent
  • Workshop 3:  Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Workshop 4:  Neural Networks 
  • Workshop 5:  Deep Learning
  • Workshop 6:  More Deep Learning
  • Workshop 7:  Applications of DL


For more information or if you are interested in contributing to the Math Clinic, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Radu Cascaval at or Dr. Peter Braza at

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