Math Course ACT/SAT Placement



Students wishing to take MATH 1350 (Calculus I) or a MATH class below it, and who submit recent ACT or SAT scores to UCCS, are placed into mathematics courses based on the table below.

Course ACT Score SAT Score (Since 2016)
MATH 99 - Algebraic Literacy None None
MATH 1040 - College Algebra 21+ 530+
MATH 1060 - Trigonometry 24+ 580+
MATH 1120 - Calculus for Business and Economics 24+ 580+
MATH 1330 - Calculus for the Life Sciences 27+ 640+
MATH 1350 - Calculus I 27+ 640+

Those without recent ACT/SAT scores, or who have ACT/SAT scores but feel that they have been placed into the wrong MATH course, may challenge the placement by taking the Accuplacer test. Please contact Academic Advising with any questions about placement into MATH courses on the basis of ACT/SAT scores.