B.S. Program


Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The Department of Mathematics offers a curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. This degree is well-suited for students aiming toward a variety of mathematical careers in industry or secondary education, or planning for graduate education.

In the Mathematics B.S. program each student is expected to take ten Core courses, which serve as an introduction to the various subfields of mathematics, and then select one of the following five Options for completing the degree.

  • Pure Math
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Secondary Teaching
  • Flexible

The courses required by each of the Options can be found below, as well as information on the Honors Track within the program.

Please contact the department's Undergraduate Chair with any questions. An advising guide for the Mathematics B.S. degree can be found on the Academic Advising web page.

General Requirements

  • Complete at least 47 credit hours of MATH courses (46 for the Teaching Option).
  • Complete each required MATH course with a grade of C or better.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Comple an exit interview with the mathematics department prior to graduation.
  • Meet with a faculty advisor in the mathematics department during the first year as a mathematics major.

Core Courses (31 Credit Hours)

The Core courses allow students to become familiar with the different subfields of mathematics before choosing their focus.

  • MATH 1350 - Calculus I
  • MATH 1360 - Calculus II
  • MATH 2150 - Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 2350 - Calculus III
  • MATH 2650 - Introduction to Computational Mathematics
  • MATH 3110 - Theory of Numbers
  • MATH 3130 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3400 - Introduction to Differential Equations
  • MATH 3410 - Introduction to Analysis
  • MATH 3810 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics


Pure Math Option
Applied Math Option
Statistics Option
Secondary Teaching Option
Flexible Option
Honors Track