Students may be placed into MATH courses through a number of means, as described on the math course placement page. Those who are not satisfied with the MATH course into which they have been placed on the basis of previously earned credits, high school GPA, or ACT/SAT, may challenge the placement by taking the Accuplacer exam. The scores on that exam required for placement into specific MATH courses are given in the table below. 

Accuplacer provides a lot of study materials on their web page. In particular, you will want to examine the download labelled “Advanced Algebra and Functions”. If that material is particularly challenging, you will want to also examine the materials for "Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics." You can also create a free account here to access a study app online. 

If you are trying to place into a Calculus course, you will also need to study for the Calculus placement branch of the Accuplacer. For that, we have free custom made study materials offered through MyOpenMath. Create a student account at, and enroll for course number 148324.

For questions about the test, please visit the Accuplacer FAQ Page or contact the Math Placement Coordinator at

CourseAccuplacer Score
MATH 99 - Algebraic LiteracyNone

Math 1030 - College Algebra with Supplemental Instruction

240 on Next Gen Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics 

MATH 1040 - College Algebra240 on Next Gen Advanced Algebra and Functions Test
MATH 1060 - Trigonometry260 on Next Gen Advanced Algebra and Functions Test
MATH 1120 - Calculus for Business and Economics260 on Next Gen Advanced Algebra and Functions Test
MATH 1330 - Calculus for the Life Sciences276 on Next Gen Advanced Algebra and Functions Test AND
70% on Calculus Placement Test
MATH 1350 - Calculus I276 on Next Gen Advanced Algebra and Functions Test AND
70% on Calculus Placement Test

UCCS is currently offering the Accuplacer in-person and online. More details can be found below. Our Saturday testing times are at 9am and 12pm mountain time. Be aware that the Accuplacer may not be taken more than twice.

In-Person Accuplacer Testing

The Accuplacer can be taken at UCCS most Saturdays from April to August, and from October to January. Please sign up below, but only for a single testing session. If you are having troubles with the form below, try clicking here.



Online Accuplacer Testing

In-person testing is the preferred testing mode. In exceptional cases, you may qualify to take the exam while being proctored remotely. Remote testing times are available via a separate signup page. 

To start the process of registering to take the Accuplacer remotely, send a request to including why you are unable to take the test on campus. Please include your full name, preferred email address, student ID number, and birthdate in your email. You will receive emails with information on how to register for and take the test from the Math Placement Coordinator.