Educational Program Grants


Educational Program


The UCCS Department of Mathematics invites applications for grants to fund activities which will assist the Department in providing high quality instruction. Faculty, staff, student groups, and individual students are encouraged to apply. Applications may propose activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Support for student-run retention activities coordinated by the Mathematics Department. These activities include mentoring students on study skills and preparation for their mathematics courses.
  • Support for instructional software and computer technology used in teaching and delivering the mathematics curriculum.
  • Support for student club projects to which all students enrolled in mathematics courses are invited. These include career placement events.
  • Support for student mentoring and educational activities, including travel and registration fees for students to participate in mathematics related conferences.

Application Guidelines

Proposals should be submitted to the UCCS Mathematics Department, to the attention of the Math Program Fee Committee. Proposals should clearly describe the anticipated student educational benefits. All proposals must itemize proposed expenses. Students need not be mathematics majors to apply, but any student who submits a proposal must be currently enrolled in at least 3 credit hours of Mathematics courses. All proposals must adhere to the appropriate policies of the Mathematics Department, LAS College, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Campus, and the CU-system. Depending on the anticipated schedule for proposed activities, proposals should generally be submitted by the November 15 and April 15 deadlines. To accommodate small scale activities, such as travel to a student conference, relatively small funding requests may be submitted at any time. Since funding for these grants is limited, requests for more than $10,000, regardless of their merit, are unlikely to be funded.

Proposal Submission

UCCS Department of Mathematics
ATTN: Math Program Fee Committee
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918